About Me – 4th October

I was born and bred in Brighton along the coast which I adore but I am now studying in Leicester which hasn’t disappointed. I love the cultural diversity and feel revived by the new environment which proves promising each day; particularly Highcross which seems to have every shop imaginable and although I hate to say it its by far better than my shopping mall at home. Hopefully when I finally update my CV I’ll have the opportunity to work in one of the shops within it.

I chose this course on the basis that I have suffered multiple issues with my breasts which meant finding underwear which fits appropriately has been almost impossible because of either being uncomfortable or really not appealing in anyway. This course is extremely relevant as I’m hoping to end up producing my own undergarments so I know longer have to put up with the difficulties within the industry when it comes to not abiding by the ‘categorical size’. I feel because of this I can very much relate to and empathise with those also in the same situation. Due to this I hope to produce under wear for the minority who aren’t provided for – those who have also suffered/suffering such as cancer patients to equipped them with hopefully confidence and a sense of sexuality which isn’t being provided currently in the industry. I hope to be self employed and own a studio flat if all goes well and personally create my products by hand for each customer in attempt to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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